Sunday, September 28, 2008

Thrift shopping

Saturday I went thrift shopping. I went to Bridgeford Farms Thrift Shop. All proceeds help mentally challenge children and adults. Anyways I got some really good bargains? I took a picture of the material I bought. Every piece of fabric is about 2 yards and and I ONLY PAID $1 FOR ALL OF IT!! The lady said they have so much stuff they just wanted to get rid of it and get some money to the kids. The jeans were normally priced $3 a pair but all clothes were half price. So I got 3 pairs of Levis 505, 2 pairs of Wranglers, and 2 pairs of shorts for my husband for $14. The lawn cushions cost $16 and all they need are a good cleaning. So we found some really good bargains! We believe in recycling, going green instead of going out and buying all new things.


I made this little pinchusion. I got the pattern on I thought it was real cute and I wanted to make it. It is easy and if you have extra buttons that is a way you can use them.

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