Sunday, September 28, 2008

Thrift shopping

Saturday I went thrift shopping. I went to Bridgeford Farms Thrift Shop. All proceeds help mentally challenge children and adults. Anyways I got some really good bargains? I took a picture of the material I bought. Every piece of fabric is about 2 yards and and I ONLY PAID $1 FOR ALL OF IT!! The lady said they have so much stuff they just wanted to get rid of it and get some money to the kids. The jeans were normally priced $3 a pair but all clothes were half price. So I got 3 pairs of Levis 505, 2 pairs of Wranglers, and 2 pairs of shorts for my husband for $14. The lawn cushions cost $16 and all they need are a good cleaning. So we found some really good bargains! We believe in recycling, going green instead of going out and buying all new things.


I made this little pinchusion. I got the pattern on I thought it was real cute and I wanted to make it. It is easy and if you have extra buttons that is a way you can use them.

Friday, September 19, 2008

STAR BOM BLOCK 4 is STAR BOM 4. I did ok in the center of the block but then I had problem with the flying geese...oh well, it is not perfect but I still like it.


Here is STAR BOM # 3 It was a lot of fun. It was easier than the others. I really like it! Thanks Judy L. I am going to make #4 tonight

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Clean up

We started cleaning up this morning. My son, Quentin's grandson, Quentin and me all started cleaning the yard. It will take some time because there are little bitty pine cones all in the backyard. We need to get them up because of the dogs. JJ our lab, already cut her hind paw and has been limping. We need to bandage her foot. It is a lot of hard hot work.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Dog came in with the Hurricane

We were sitting outside Sunday and this dog came running to us. She is a beautiful dog. She is a pit bull and my husband wants her. He said she would be a good watch dog and people will be scared of her just because she is a pit bull. She appears to be a gentle, friendly dog, maybe a family pet. She minds real good. My husband named her Molly. Looks like we have a new dog!

Kindness of Strangers

About 4 pm today, my next door neighbor (Virgina) knocked on the door and said some other people from the neighborhood wanted to help us remove the tree that fell on our travel trailer. I was so surprised that I was kind of speechless because I was worried about how we were going to take that tree down because it is so big. I was afraid it would be too hard for my husband and I to cut it down ourselves. We didn't have the extra money to pay anyone to remove it. We spent a lot of money buying gas to run the generator. We had to drive about 25 miles from our house to get gas since the town we live in did not have any electricity. We ran the AC at night so we could get a good nights sleep. I had to cook on a Coleman camp stove and I was thankful we had that. We lost all our food in the frig and in the freezer. We were without power since the 13th. I was really suprised when they offer to help us. Anyways it only took about 30 minutes and the tree was off our travel trailer! We will have to pick up all the tree sections and tree limbs tomorrow. They were so nice and we thanked them and they were on their way. They will be in my prayers tonight! I know God will bless them for helping us!

Safe and Sound in Texas!!!

Hurricane IKE is gone. Yahoo! We finally got our electricity and water back today! We are all safe and in one piece. We give Thanks to God that we still have our lives and house. We did have some minor damage...our neighbors big pine tree fell on our travel trailer. The limb went thru the roof. We are really blessed because my husband was standing on the back porch when the tree fell and it barely missed him and our house by about 1 foot. Anyways it was so nice to take a nice hot shower and wash my hair now that we have lights and water. Here are a few pictures.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane IKE

We are hunkering in from Hurricane IKE. We are about 100 miles from Galveston, TX We will be getting a lot of rain and high winds. We decided to stay at home and ride it out. On Thursday we started getting ready for the hurricane, we bought soups, lunch meat, soda, water and nonperisherables. We put gas in our vehicles. We picked up everything out of the yard. We put our rabbits in a closed in cage. We will have all the animals in the garage. All we can do now is pray to God that everyone will be okay.

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