Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I frogged the STAR BOM BLOCK #1 again

Hi I couldn't stand how crooked my stars were so I frogged it and did it over again last night! This one looks better but it is not perfect. I just brought me a Viking sewing embrodiery machine this summer and it did not have a 1/4 foot so I couldn't get my seams right. I also have an Kenmore and I decided to try the 1/4 foot from the Kenmore on my Viking and it worked!!! I was so happy. Here is a picture of my new block


Margo in Maine said...

Hi Jane...never heard the phrase 'frogged'...what does it mean....also I assumed the directions said 12" finished so mine is 12 1/2" unfinished...I have done mine twice as I changed the background to an easier pattern...I will make it fit...(smile) Yours looks good...

Jane said...

Hi Margo......I have read other blogs where people said they had to do some it, rip it, rip it out and do it over again LOL! I must have skipped that part in the directions.

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